Bombay Boyz • Sapphire Theory (EP) [@bombayboyzmusic]

Bombay Boyz, a Chicago-based group comprised of Eric Wilhelm, from Nebraska, and Harrison Maxwell, from Colorado. Despite coming from different states they met in Omaha in 2010, ever since then they have collaborated. They want to bring a new unique sound of their own mixed with the Midwestern style. They want to bring back the large-scale popularity of conscious and lyrical rap. Now let's get into the project; Sapphire Theory.

Vince Staples • Big Fish Theory (Album) [@vincestaples]

The Long Beach native, Vince Staples, released Big Fish Theory, his sophomore album about a week ago. Since then I have listened to it nonstop. Vince really portrays such a beautiful narrative of the grim life of the streets and even goes as far as to talk about how rappers are seen and how they see themselves. Coming from Summertime '06, which was a dark and melancholy take on Gangster Rap, he switched up the style of the album sonically but not lyrically. Vince changed the sound of the record to be more Techno/EDM. he got several producers such as; GTA, Flume, SOPHIE and various others. However, he really shows his ability to write thought provoking songs with complex meanings on this project.

Jason Gatz • Feel (Single)

Yoooo. For the first time we have been blessed by Chicago native Jason Gatz originally apart of the duo "Gatz & Goods" with his partner in crime Ashley Good. Though this time around he is approaching this one solo— Jason has definitely outdone himself on this track!